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2019 Year-End Video

2019 marked 10 years of gs. We spent this year running powerful programs and building gs for the long haul. There are many things that we could plan for, and many things that we couldn’t. We are learning from all of it, and new doors are opening.

Entering 2020, with critical elections afoot, gs is staying on course with our Strategic Priorities and paying close attention to what social and climate justice movements need.

Watch our 2019 year-end video.

Get Involved

Volunteer in Oakland, CA on January 29, 2020! Gather with gs staff and other volunteers to prepare thank you cards for the many people who donate to gs and make this work possible. Stipend available upon request.

Be a part of our Get Centered: Grassroots Fundraising Program that will take place in Spring 2020. This will be an opportunity to get centered in action as we practice embodied donor organizing! Participants will be asked to make a donation to gs that is significant to you and aim to bring in at least three additional donations from friends/family or by calling past gs grassroots donor lists. We will provide resources and materials, and create opportunities to come together with one another to practice in community.

Find out more. 

To express interest, email: development@generativesomatics.org.


Movement Partners

About Our Movement Partners

We have worked with hundreds of movement leaders through Movement Partnerships since 2011 that began with Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD) and the National Domestic Worker Alliance (NDWA). In 2018 alone, gs worked with 279 participants in 12 movement partnerships over 38 total days of training. Movement Partners share our vision and values, understand somatics as a holistic approach, and are positioned to have significant impact. We engage with select partners deeply and develop programs that are relevant and supportive of the unique conditions and needs in those communities. These programs can be as many as 16 days per year. gs also engages organizations with a lighter touch, including 1‐4 day exposure programs.

Our Movement Partners

We also have programmatic partnerships with movement funders, such as Hidden Leaf Foundation.

Become a Movement Partner

We aim to increase the number of our core Movement Partners with an intention to develop powerful, relevant, highly impactful partnerships committed to furthering social and environmental justice.

Thank you for wanting to be part of gs through becoming a Movement Partner. We are not accepting any new Movement Partners in 2019. If you are interested in being considered for 2020, please contact programs@generativesomatics.org.

gs Stories

Be a part of gs!

Get involved with Transformative Resourcing—an embodied and values-aligned way to contribute and fundraise. 

We bring a deep, pragmatic, and actionable approach to embodied transformation for movement leaders and formations.

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