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Some words, practices and resources in support of the Movement for Black Lives’ demands to #DefundThePolice and #DefendBlackLife

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Some words, practices, and resources for these times of coronavirus.

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An online discussion and practice gathering: Somatics, Healing, and Social Justice in the time of coronavirus

Watch the recording and access the transcript of our online discussion and practice gathering from 5/5/20 with gs teachers, Alta Starr, Prentis Hemphill, Staci K. Haines, and Xochitl Bervera.

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Embodied Leadership

Embodied Leadership (EL)

This course is designed for people who work in social and environmental justice movements, including organizers, staff, members, and activists. 

Session 1: Thursday July 9th-Sunday July 12th, and Session 2: Thursday August 27th-Sunday August 30th
Durham, NC
March 19, 2020
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About This Course


Embodied Leadership (EL) is designed for people who work in social and environmental justice movements, including organizers, staff, members, and activists. gs specifically encourages organizers who are a part of movements to end political repression and state violence (including criminalization, militarization, surveillance, imprisonment, policing, etc.) as well as building scalable alternatives, (such as transformative justice) and those creating climate and environmental justice (including just transition, land sovereignty, environmental racism, etc.) to apply. We also welcome politicized healers and other one-on-one practitioners who are looking to more effectively support movement leaders and organizations

In our first session of EL, we will explore ways to more effectively coordinate together, take action, and ally with one another towards our individual and collective visions. As an individual, you will reflect on your own leadership, envision the kind of leader you want to be, and begin to make the moves to get there. You will explore how you historically act under pressure and learn to shift unwanted automatic reactions. You will build skills in making direct requests and declines, and increase your access to your body’s wisdom in daily life. While individual leadership development is a key focus and outcome of this course, our bigger aim is for participants to take away a greater ability to align our movement culture and strategies with our shared values.

First Session | You will learn to:

  •     Spot the default habits under pressure, as they show up in your leadership and relationships;
  •     Identify and articulate your vision and how you want to lead;
  •     Relax under pressure, which supports more grounded action;
  •     Stay more present through a wide range of emotions and experiences;
  •     Give and receive grounded feedback to further your goals and the goals of your team;
  •     Form more connected, mutual relationships that can more easefully coordinate towards larger goals;
  •     Coordinate with others more effectively through direct requests and declines;
  •     Take on a daily practice that supports the kind of leader you want to be.

Our second session of EL builds on and deepens the learning from the first through an exploration of each participant’s historical shaping—the survival strategies, default habits, and forms of resilience that we have developed to navigate trauma, oppression, privilege and other life experiences. Participants are invited to hone their political, leadership, and personal visions; begin to heal some of the old wounds that are often left unattended; and deepen their ability to coordinate with others under pressure. This course deepens, expands and integrates your new practices.

Second Session | You will learn to:

  •     Embody greater authenticity and accountability in your leadership and relationships;
  •     Strengthen your presence with others and increase your ability to move others in beneficial directions;
  •     Learn to hold contradictions and complexity, while you continue to move toward your visions, and sustain your relationships;
  •     Compel and inspire people towards a collective vision and greater leadership risks;
  •     Develop a daily practice that will feed your leadership and wellbeing beyond the course.

Embodiment of somatics takes time—includes days in training, daily practice, good models, and individualized support. You can think of somatics more like a martial art than a theory and/or a set of “tools.” The Embodied Leadership course is an entry-point to this transformation, the beginning or continuation of the marathon rather than the completion of the sprint. For folks interested in developing competence in gs methodology, somatic transformation, offering somatics through teaching or as a practitioner, we invite you to talk with generative somatics after your first year of training to design a learning path.

Is This Course for Me?

EL is for you if you are interested in:

  • Developing more powerful, inspiring, and authentic leadership in your movement work;
  • Deepening your understanding of how life, oppression and privilege, and trauma “shape” us, and how we can heal and transform in the face of them;
  • Practicing leading in a way that aligns with your values and vision for a transformed society; and
  • Engaging in transformative organizing that weaves together personal and collective transformation as part of dismantling the intersecting systems of white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, global capitalism, ableism, and Christian hegemony.

Course Details

View the full course description here. Fill out 2020 course application here.

No prerequisites. This is a two-session course so when you apply you are agreeing to attend both sessions of the course.

Please fill out the application for the Embodied Leadership Course hereApplication results, regardless of status, will be emailed by the end of May 2020. 

We tend to have more applicants than spaces available in our courses. Our commitment is to prioritize folks who are committed to the intersections of personal and social transformation and that are organizing to fight for freedom from state repression and for climate justice.



Session 1: Thursday, July 9th-Sunday, July 12th

Session 2: Thursday, August 27th-Sunday, August 30th

Location: Durham, NC


Please note that the Program Fee DOES NOT include travel, lodging, or lunch and dinner. The Program Fee DOES include light breakfast and refreshments throughout the day.

gs is committed to economic justice and to challenging white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and all systems of oppression in every aspect of our work. As part of that, we have a commitment to making our programs accessible and affordable to poor and working class people and people of color who are on the frontlines of social and environmental justice movements.

We are committed to making sure that money is not a barrier to participation.
Course Fee Structure & Sliding Scale 2020.


Thank you for your interest and for all the ways you support us!

Please consider making a donation to gs for the sake of making our programs accessible to innovative movement leaders, to poor and working class communities, and communities of color. All donations go a long way for gs and no amount is too small to have an impact.

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