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Embodied Leadership in Donor Organizing: January 2, 2020
Somatics, Trauma, and Resilience: January 2, 2020

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Our programs develop embodied leadership, increasing vision, coordination, and connection. gs supports movement leaders and supporters to vision new possibilities and achieve powerful collective action towards freedom and liberation.

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Get Centered

Come together to be a part of our Get Centered: Grassroots Fundraising Program that will take place in Spring 2020.

This will be an opportunity to get centered in action as we practice embodied donor organizing! Participants will be asked to make a donation to gs that is significant to you and aim to bring in at least three additional donations from friends/family or by calling past gs grassroots donor lists. We will provide resources and materials, and create opportunities to come together with one another to practice in community. There will be zoom calls to support your fundraising.

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Embodied Leadership in Donor Organizing

Embodied Leadership in Donor Organizing

gs is a commitment to resourcing our work in ways that align with gs values, politics, and strategy. This includes deepening class consciousness and integrating a practice of resourcing/fundraising across our leadership. To move toward embodiment of our commitment, gs students, teachers, practitioners, partners, donors, funders, and friends are invited to practice embodied donor organizing.

March 25th-March 29th and May 15th-17th
New York
Application Due: January 2nd, 2020
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   About this Course


Embodied donor organizing is an opportunity to build power by resourcing work we care about. As we ask for donations, we aim to build more trust, authenticity, and mutual dignity with people we care about. We do this by revealing ourselves, what we care about, and our commitment to gs and social and environmental justice movements. We practice making requests, in the face of potentially receiving a ‘no.’ We practice doing this work within the many contradictions of capitalism and white supremacy. We practice toward having a sustainable community network, in which we resource our own communities and organizations, encourage equitable redistribution of wealth, and build cross-class community power.

EL in Donor Organizing builds on teachings from movement organizations that have integrated fundraising and organizing for generations, and on learnings from our own practice over the past several years. In these political times, embodied donor organizing is particularly important as one way we can invite more people into movements.

We invite you to practice with us! 

EL in Donor Organizing is an experimental program that includes a cross-class, multi-racial team of gs community members who come together to learn about and engage in embodied donor organizing to resource gs in ways that are aligned with gs’ organizational values, politics, and strategy.

We will turn-and-face class. Our class system, capitalism, and white supremacy shape how we show up to fundraising. Those systems foster isolation, dehumanization, and re-traumatization. In transformative fundraising, we aim to embody something different—interdependence, mutual dignity, authenticity, increased trust, etc. Together, we will learn about ourselves (our conditioned tendencies, our resilience, etc) as individuals and as cross-class group. We will heal and transform shame, learn how to navigate the many contradictions in this work, and develop new embodied skills including fundraising planning and donor asks.

We will practice new ways of relating to money and asking our people to join us in resourcing work we care about. We can truly connect with someone, learn what they care about in these times, share why gs matters to us, and be transparent about class. Then, if it’s a good fit we can ask them to contribute, allowing for yes/no/maybe as excellent responses! As a collective, we will learn how to resource ourselves and what we care about in centered ways.  

Participation offers the opportunity to raise funds for gs, and if desired, for another movement organization (a gs movement partner or otherwise) as well. Funds raised for gs will support gs to grow sustainably, offer programs that are accessible to communities on the frontlines of our movements, and make a transformative and precise contribution to social and environmental justice movements. 

Is This Course for Me?

EL in Donor Organizing participants will be:

  • Majority people of color.
  • Approximately: ⅓ working class or poor; ⅓ middle class; and ⅓ owning class. To find out more about what we mean by this, check out this guide about class categories.
  • Current or potential leadership in gs. This includes gs students, teachers, practitioners, students, board, strategy team, donors, funders. 
  • Prerequisite: Applicants must have already taken a minimum of 6 days of gs programming (this can include gs courses, BOLD programs, or gs movement partner programs) .
  • Participants do not need to have any prior experience with fundraising. If you do, that’s great! But if you don’t, that’s great too. Participants just need to be committed to learning, practicing, and fundraising for/with gs — even if  you also feel trepidation and/or nausea about it! (in somatic speak: you need to be ready to feel your feelings, center, turn, face, enter, extend and blend)!
  • Aware of systems of power and oppression; aligned with gs values, vision and strategy; and committed to bringing somatics to social and environmental justice movements– seeing gs as an organization that is one part of the bigger project of moving toward wholeness in this very broken world.

Course Details

View full course description here. Fill out 2020 course application here.

Applicants must have already taken a minimum of 6 days of gs programming. This is a program that takes place from March-May. When applying, you are agreeing to participate in both in-person sessions and all other activities.

Please complete the application form here.

Applications are due January 2nd, 2020.

EL in Donor Organizing is a 3 month commitment (March-May 2020). Including:

  • March 25th-29th: 5 day in-person session
  • March 30th-May 15th: Approximately 10-25 hours of work, including Zoom calls.
  • May 15th-17th: 2.5 day in-person session.

Location: The location of EL in Donor Organizing in-person sessions will be in or near New York City. All work in between sessions can take place from your home or a location in your town/city.

There is NO course fee for EL in Donor Organizing. Participants are expected to contribute a donation to gs that is centered and significant for you, and bring in at minimum two additional donations through fundraising.

Thank you for your interest and for all the ways you support generative somatics!

Please consider making a donation to us for the sake of making our programs accessible to innovative movement leaders, to poor and working class communities, and to communities of color. All donations go a long way for us and no amount is too small to have an impact.

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Get involved with Transformative Resourcing—an embodied and values-aligned way to contribute and fundraise. 

We bring a deep, pragmatic, and actionable approach to embodied transformation for movement leaders and formations.

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