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Daily Practice Space (online).

This 30 minute daily practice space is for movement leaders in this time of ongoing change and loss. This space is open to anyone who has already practiced politicized somatics with gs or organizations who practice with the methodology developed by gs. This space is free of charge.

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Widening and Evolving

In 2022, gs’ leadership has gotten wider. We feel gratitude and hope for this new evolution of gs. We wrote a year-end update about it.

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How gs is changing

As we continue the work of organizational culture change, we wrote down some reflections about new practices we’re in, recent highlights, and current priorities.

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Looking back.

Over the past several years, gs confronted unprecedented challenges that ultimately are moving us toward more alignment with our commitments to racial justice and collective power. We wrote this update about it.

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We bring a deep, pragmatic, and actionable approach to embodied transformation for movement leaders and formations.

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