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June 12th Webinar

Beauty and possibility in times of crisis and collapse: A webinar conversation with gs practitioners/teachers about gs’ methodology in practice in social and climate justice movements in these times.
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Daily Practice Space (online).

This 30 minute daily practice space is for movement leaders in this time of ongoing change and loss. This space is open to anyone who has already practiced politicized somatics with gs or organizations who practice with the methodology developed by gs. This space is free of charge.

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Somatics & Resilience

Somatics & Resilience

This course in the Embodied Leadership series focuses on our inherent resilience and that of our communities. We’ll learn about the impact of trauma and oppression–and how we can recognize this in ourselves, our teams and organizations, and in our communities. Most of us and the people we work with have experiences that deeply impact our sense of safety, connection to others, belonging and dignity. The symptoms of these experiences (lack of trust; a sense of shame; need to prove, protect, defend or dissociate) tend to last long after the experience is over. When we have been hurt in significant ways, our survival strategies are strong—we can try to manage them, but unless we transform them, they will take over when we are under pressure. Often then, our actions and our values, how we want to love and how we react, don’t line up. Somatics is a great way to address and change this.

TBD (Not Active 2020)
TBD (Not Active 2020)
TBD (Not Active 2020)
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About This Course

You will learn to:

  • Recognize the impact of trauma and oppression in our minds, hearts, bodies and relationships as well as  in our communities and organizations;
  • Connect with your (and others) inherent resilience and learn how to practice it on purpose;
  • See that our survival reactions have an important purpose, even when they may cause havoc now.  And, learn practices to appreciate and transform them;
  • Connect with your ability to heal, and invite others to heal;
  • Understand the purpose of shame and how to transform it to dignity;
  • Discover new ways to create more safety, connection and dignity, for you and your folks;
  • Connect healing and leadership, organizing and resilience to make our movements more powerful.

Embodiment of somatics takes time—includes days in training, daily practice, good models, and individualized support. You can think of somatics more like a martial art than a theory and/or a set of “tools.” The Embodied Leadership course is an entry-point to this transformation, the beginning or continuation of the marathon rather than the completion of the sprint. For folks interested in developing competence in gs methodology, somatic transformation, offering somatics through teaching or as a practitioner, we invite you to talk with generative somatics after your first year of training to design a learning path.

Is This Course for Me?

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Course Details

This course is currently not active. 

No prerequisites.

This course is currently not active. 

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This course is currently not active.

Be the first to know when the course and application are available again by signing up for our e-news. Contact

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