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Some words, practices, and resources for these times of coronavirus.

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A virtual practice gathering and discussion: Somatics, Healing, and Social Justice in the time of coronavirus

On May 5th, join generative somatics (gs) in practice and discussion about gs co-founder, Staci K. Haines’ new book The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing, and Social Justice, the changing conditions of coronavirus, and what somatics has to offer us. Staci will be joined by gs teachers who have contributions in the book. This will be an opportunity to learn about gs and engage in collective practice for these times.

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June 1st Application Deadline

The application deadline for Embodied Leadership for Funders and Donors is June 1st. At this time, we are planning to move forward with this in-person course which is scheduled to take place in October in Oakland, CA.

More info here. If you have any questions, please email Development@generativesomatics.org

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Embodied Leadership for Funders & Donors

Embodied Leadership for Funders & Donors

This is an introductory embodied leadership program that offers leaders in the social justice funding world an opportunity to engage with the cutting edge transformative methodology of Somatics.

Monday, October 19th-Friday, October 23rd, 2020
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
June 1st, 2020
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About This Course

Embodied Leadership (EL) for Funders and Donors is an introductory embodied leadership program that offers leaders in the social justice funding world an opportunity to engage with the cutting edge transformative methodology of Somatics.

Participants in EL for Funders and Donors will connect with deeper purpose and build visions for our lives and work. We will look at personal and professional challenges, and get to know embodied habits that can limit us. We’ll engage holistic practices to transform toward our commitments and visions. EL for Funders and Donors is grounded in the interconnectedness of individual, collective, and systemic transformation, is an opportunity for individual transformation, and will include both personal and collective practice.

EL for Funders and Donors will offer an opportunity to build relationships across organization and role, and be in conversation and practice with one another about the particular challenges facing leaders in philanthropy in this political era. Participants will also be invited into joint inquiry about the relevance of embodied leadership development, trauma, healing, and resilience, and building in philanthropic work that aims to support and be part of powerful social and environmental justice movements.

Our additional hope is that EL for Funders and Donors will help grow participants’ leadership in moving resources (financial and otherwise) to organizations engaged in transformative movement building.

Is This Course for Me?

In 2020, EL for Funders and Donors will include both individual participants, as well as teams from institutions in the funding world. We invite individuals to apply who work in foundations or funder/donor networks, as well as those who identify as major donors. We also invite teams from institutions (foundations and funder/donor networks) to apply as institutions, to send groups of leaders from your organizations to participate in EL for Funders and Donors together.



Past Participants

21st Century Foundation * Akonadi Foundation * Amplify Fund * Bay Area Justice Funders Network * Borealis Philanthropy * Brico Fund * Brooklyn Community Foundation *  The California Endowment * Common Counsel Foundation * Compton Foundation * Criminal Justice Initiative * Embrey Family Foundation * Fenwick Foundation * Ford Foundation * General Service Foundation * The Giving Circle * Groundswell Fund * Hidden Leaf Foundation * Hill-Snowdon Foundation * ioby * The JPB Foundation*  Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation * Kalio Fund * Kapor Foundation * Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust * Katz-Krantz Family Fund * Kellogg Foundation * Kresge Foundation * Leeway Foundation * Merck Family Fund * North Star Fund * NoVo Foundation * Open Society Foundations * Regenerative Finance * Resource Generation * Rockefeller Brothers Fund * San Francisco Foundation * Satterberg Foundation * The Seasons Fund for Social Transformation * Solidago Foundation * Solidaire Network * The Sunrise Initiative for Human Rights in the U.S. * Surdna Foundation * Thousand Currents * Third Wave Foundation * Threshold Foundation * Vervane Foundation * Woodcock Foundation

Course Details

View full course description here. Fill out 2020 course application here.

No prerequisites. Applicants can apply as individuals or as a group from an institution/organization.

Please complete the application form here. Applications are due: June 1st, 2020.

You will have to select if you are applying as an individual or as an institution (group), the applications have different questions.

Monday, October 19th-Friday October 23rd, 2020 (Five Days Total.) 

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The program fee is $2,500-$5,000 per person (sliding scale based on organizational budget and individual capacity). Need flexibility around this fee? Contact Danielle Feris at danielle@generativesomatics.org

Thank you for your interest and for all the ways you support gs!

Please consider making a donation for the sake of making our programs accessible to innovative movement leaders, to poor and working class communities, and to communities of color. All donations go a long way and no amount is too small to have an impact.

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